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ManyJobs is a python based tool for managing ManyTasks on widely distributed supercomputing resources. To date it has been used in production mode on the following machines: Abe@NCSA, Lonestar@TACC, Ranger@TACC, QueenBee@LONI, Kraken@NICS, Steele@RCAC, (eric,louie,poseidon,painter,oliver)@LONI, and the CCS Cluster at Tulane's CCS. All you need is an account with a user allocation in one of the above machines and you too can run Many Jobs.

Please acknowledge ManyJobs with a statement similar to the following.
The computations required for this study utilized ManyJobs (see ManyJobs development is funded by the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI) and by the Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Applications (LA-SiGMA) through NSF award number #EPS-1003897. ManyJobs is being developed by Tom Bishop, Shantenu Jha and Hideki Fujioka as a self-contained python implementation of the SAGA-based BigJob concept .

Version 0.41:
Download ManyJobsV041.tar.gz
Save it as ManyJobs.tar.gz
Unpack it with tar -zxvf ManyJobs.tar.gz
see the README.txt in the ManyJobs directory.
Also see ManyJobs Manual Page for more details.

Older Versions:

Version 0.4:
Download ManyJobsV04.tar.gz
*What's new in Ver.0.4
+New User Commands
+New Key Entries in DataBase

Version 0.3:
Download ManyJobs082211.tar.gz